Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is the ONLY time I will acknowledge this anniversary

One year ago I got some news that would change my life.  Hell, for that matter, it would change anyone's life.  I got a phone call from my doctor telling me had lobular adenocarcinoma of my right breast.  What a crappy day that turned out to be. 

During this year, I have learned just how strong I am.  I now have a bracelet that has a pink ribbon on it with the words "Strength Beyond Measure".  That  just fit me to a T.  I always said I was a strong person.  Now I KNOW I am a stronger person!

I want to, again, thank all of you who offered up prayers, called to check on me, came over to keep me company and that one person with the coldest hands in Lakeland who come over every morning for a week to give me a shot after I had surgery. 

I will never be able to thank everyone in person but I'm sending out one great big hug to all of you!!!

This is not the end of my journey, as I will have final reconstruction next spring or summer.  I am looking foward to being cancer free for the rest of my life!!!!!

Remember to get your mammies grammed and have your annual exams!
Love you all


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