Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Round 4 is DONE!!!!

Good afternoon all.  I had the 4th and final round of the 2 drug regimen on Monday!  Round 4 down, 12 rounds to go.  I have had to go back to the cancer center for IV fluids today (Wednesday) and will go back tomorrow for more fluids to help combat the side effects of the "red devil".

I know I told everyone about the Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser that happened this past weekend.  If you missed it, you missed a great time!  Over $6oo was raised to be split between us!  Thank you to all of our classmates and friends and friends of friends!  The outpouring of love was amazing!  Tracie and I were both presented with a blanket made by another classmate that just was over the top.  Mine goes nicely on the couch and the lounge chair in my house!  Thanks April!

I get to start the single drug regimen on March 7th and will continue with that for 12 weeks.  Hopefully, things will go smoothly and I won't have any breaks in treatment! 

Please keep me in your prayers and remember to do your breast exams, you never know. You could save your own life!

Love to all

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A good week!

Hey there!
What a great week I have had!  I went to the Florida State Fair with my best friend, Pam, and her parents on Wednesday afternoon.  When I finally got home at 11 that night, I think I just passed out from the best kind of fatigue I  have had in a couple of months.  All the laughter was good for my soul.

I had Thursday to recuperate and do some things around the house and pay bills, but found out I had been the victim of bank fraud.  So I got to spend the afternoon going to the sheriff's office to fill out paperwork, then to the bank to fill out more paperwork and to get a new debit card.  What a frustrating afternoon, but it's in the hands of the sheriff's department and the bank's investigation team, so there's nothing more I can do. 

Went yesterday (Friday) for lab work, getting ready for Monday's doctor's appointment and round 4 of chemotherapy.  One of my friends told me chemo is like a marathon boxing match, that's why we should fight like a girl and knock out cancer each round we take!  I love it! For the first time in my life, I am actively looking for a fight!

Tonight is the Breast Cancer Awareness fund raiser at Trader's Ally in downtown Lakeland, so if you're in town and looking for a good time, come on out and join us!  A good time is sure to be had by all.  Special guest DJ will be Casey Turner, a classmate of mine.  He was on Big Brother 11 and is the official DJ for the Tampa Bay Storm and the LFL's Tampa Bay team. 

Please remember to do your monthly self breast exams! Only you know what's normal and not normal for you.  Schedule your annual mammograms and PAP Smears to prevent breast and cervical cancer!
FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!  I hope to see everyone soon!

Love and Kisses

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Post

Round 3 totally knocked me down!  Not down for long, just an 8 count.  Tuesday last week wasn't bad, lots of sitting and waiting, but that's nothing new.  Wednesday was another story.  Mom came by and picked me up for a brief foray to Wal Mart to pick up Valentine's Day cards for my nieces and step-dad and I needed a card for my nieces as well and a few groceries.  We were there all of about 30 minutes and I thought I was going to hit the floor by the time we left.  I called the doctor's office and was told to come in for labs and IV fluids and nausea medications.  Labs were ok, but I needed a little extra potassium.  Mom and I were at the cancer center for about 3 hours or so.  I had to go back on Thursday for some extra IV fluids and by Friday I was feeling as good as I did before Round 3 started.

I also got some good news about a friend who is also going through breast cancer treatment.  She has not had surgery yet, but she said she couldn't find the mass in her breast and was going for a mammogram.  The radiologist could not find the mass on film!!!!!!  What an answer to prayers for her!  I hope she continues to do well. 

My high school classmates are hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit on Saturday, the 19th at Traders Alley at 210 E. Pine Street, downtown Lakeland.  Doors open at 8 pm and there will be door prizes from local merchants and a 50/50 drawing to be given that night.  So, if you're downtown for BeerFest that night, come on over to Trader's and celebrate with us.  All proceeds are to benefit the two of us from the same class going through this.  I hope to see some or all of you there.  Wear your best pink shirt, tie, scarf, bandana or what ever you have to show support for trying to find a cure for this.

I hope all of you remember to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES and get them squashed just to make sure there is nothing growing! 

Love and kisses to all!
(No Frank, I STILL don't wanna feel your boobies)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Round 3

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been a little over 2 months since I had my surgery.  I seem to be healing well, but I still get tired doing what I think should be easy chores, like sweeping off the back porch or the kitchen or vacuuming the house.  I am doing my lymphedema drainage daily and performing a few exercises to help keep the swelling in my right arm down as well as a few exercises to help regain some strength in my upper body after surgery.

I feel like I have cabin fever!  It's been 2 months and I don't get out of the house much.  My big events are doctor appointments and going to the grocery store or WalMart.  I never thought the highlight of my week would be going to the zoo known as "Wally World", lol.

On another note, I have managed to talk some really good friends into scheduling their mammograms and annual "girlie" visits.  It seems that I have also been able to increase awarness of self breast exams!  I hope everyone that is keeping up with me is doing this very easy test, only YOU know what is normal for you.

It's time for me to fly to the Cancer Center for this round!

Remember to schedule your PAP smears and mammograms and FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!!!!!

Love to all!