Monday, February 14, 2011

New Post

Round 3 totally knocked me down!  Not down for long, just an 8 count.  Tuesday last week wasn't bad, lots of sitting and waiting, but that's nothing new.  Wednesday was another story.  Mom came by and picked me up for a brief foray to Wal Mart to pick up Valentine's Day cards for my nieces and step-dad and I needed a card for my nieces as well and a few groceries.  We were there all of about 30 minutes and I thought I was going to hit the floor by the time we left.  I called the doctor's office and was told to come in for labs and IV fluids and nausea medications.  Labs were ok, but I needed a little extra potassium.  Mom and I were at the cancer center for about 3 hours or so.  I had to go back on Thursday for some extra IV fluids and by Friday I was feeling as good as I did before Round 3 started.

I also got some good news about a friend who is also going through breast cancer treatment.  She has not had surgery yet, but she said she couldn't find the mass in her breast and was going for a mammogram.  The radiologist could not find the mass on film!!!!!!  What an answer to prayers for her!  I hope she continues to do well. 

My high school classmates are hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit on Saturday, the 19th at Traders Alley at 210 E. Pine Street, downtown Lakeland.  Doors open at 8 pm and there will be door prizes from local merchants and a 50/50 drawing to be given that night.  So, if you're downtown for BeerFest that night, come on over to Trader's and celebrate with us.  All proceeds are to benefit the two of us from the same class going through this.  I hope to see some or all of you there.  Wear your best pink shirt, tie, scarf, bandana or what ever you have to show support for trying to find a cure for this.

I hope all of you remember to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES and get them squashed just to make sure there is nothing growing! 

Love and kisses to all!
(No Frank, I STILL don't wanna feel your boobies)

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