Thursday, December 9, 2010

One Week Post Op

Today is one week WITHOUT CANCER!!!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!  Today also marked my first trip to the mall since before surgery.  Mom needed to go to the mall and I went along, just to get out of the house. I've got a bad case of cabin fever!  By the time we got thru Sears and found NOTHING she needed, we deciced to lunch at Chick-Fila.  While standing in line to get my lunch, a friend from high school saw me.  She saw the pain pump bag I was wearing and asked if it was Chemo.  I told her no, just pain meds and laughed.  She  told me SHE has breast cancer and was one week post op from a sentinel node biopsy and port placement.  She showed me her port and I showed her mine.  A grown up version of Show and Tell! 

I told her I had the double mastectomy one week ago and she lit up and said it was my fault she was starving and wasting away to nothing.  She was scheduled to be the second case that day and the complications from my surgery delayed her surgery by a couple of hours.  All we could do was laugh at the whole thing.

We exchanged information and found we have the same medical oncologist and the same surgeon!  What a small world.

I did have a one week follow up with the plastic surgeon and she was very pleased with the looks ofeverything.  She said she wanted to start filling my expanders today with 30 cc's in each, but changed her mind and put 60 cc's in each.  I'm on my way to PERKY!!!!!!!  The pain pump came out, so that's down to 3 tubes left in, then the other surgeon's nurse came in and took out one of the drains under my right arm, so I'm down to 2 tubes.  What a difference that makes.

Since it's been such a long, productive day, I'm off to relax and not do anything for the rest of the night!

Love and Hugs to all

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