Sunday, January 23, 2011

Round 2/Chemo

Round 2 of chemo is tomorrow, Monday the 24th.  I'm just a little better than I was 2 weeks ago, but still apprehensive about the whole thing. 

I finally got the nerve up last Saturday and shaved my head.  My hair was starting to fall out in little bits, and I was getting tired of it, so Mom helped me.  We both cried about it, but we knew it was coming.  I actually have a pretty head, only a couple of scars, but no divots or lumps! LOL!

After all was said and done, I went to Bonnie and Jordan's for homemade baked potato soup for dinner and an evening of being beaten by Bridgette in Rummy, she is the rummy queen and she made sure to let all of us know it!  After all that, Bonnie decided she wanted to shave her head as a sign of solidarity for me.  I told her no about a thousand times, but she is just as stubborn as I am, and this time there was no telling her no this time.  I was wielding a pair of scissors and cut her hair as short as I could then helped her finish shaving her head with razors.  OMG, she is nuttier than I am! 

Just as I am feeling "normal", it's time for a "knock down" for a few days.  Hopefully, things won't be as bad since I have an idea of side effects. 

I hope everyone has a good week coming up.  Love your family and tell them that you love them everyday.  Remember that family is not just by blood, it's those who are there for you regardless!

Love and kisses and FEEL YOUR BOOBIES,


  1. That's me and Bonnie in the 1st 2 pics and in the 3rd is her cousin Pat helping celebrate our friendship

  2. I keep my healing prayers for you... I know if anything ever happens to me like this I am going to be calling cause you are the apple of my eyes on this!!!! Hugsssssssss to you and Us gals over this way need to get together with you sometime when you are feeling up to it!!!

  3. oh ok , woof woof pat , lmao

  4. I love you bazillions...will be sending positive energy this week! Keep me posted! This cold weather is CRAZY without hair...brrrr! LOL