Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Round 8

Round 8 of 16 is done! That means I am at the half-way mark in this phase of treatment, another milestone in my fight against breast cancer!!!!!  I cannot believe that I'm half done with this!  I remember thinking that 16 rounds of IV chemo sounded like it would last a lifetime, but it's going so fast.

The one drawback to all of this is that I am not sleeping well at all.  I think the IV steroid they are giving me is affecting my sleep patterns, I feel like I'm sleepy and go to bed and feel like I'm gonna crawl out of my skin.  Steroids have always made me feel like that.

I just found out that a very dear friend of mine has one more round of chemo in two weeks, then she will be scheduled for her double mastectomy.  I continually pray for her daily and hope she does as well with surgery as I did.  I will be there for her to give her moral support and to help with anything she needs.

Please continue to keep me and her in your prayers!

Remember to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES and get your annual mammograms and PAP smears!  Early detection saves lives.  I am living proof of early detection!  Only you know what is normal for you!

Love and hugs to all

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  1. Prayers for your friend!!! Your a Hero to us all at how well you are doing and your positive attitude!!!! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS