Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A great weekend was had by all

I went to the dance convention and had a BLAST!!!!!  I also had a major meltdown Friday night.  After the phone call with the surgeon, I showered and dressed for the evening dance, and thought I might as well fix myself a drink. After I got ready, I headed down to the pavillion to meet up with my best friend and told her about the phone call from the doctor.  I was ready to party!  I partied myself into a stupor and was out like a light before 11 pm.  I missed the dancing and getting to meet new people that night, but I think it was time that I finally gave into the fear and anger that I had been feeling.  When I got up the next morning, Pam was still sleeping, so I went downstairs for breakfast and just sat and read the newspaper, enjoying the morning.

I went to an early workshop and had a blast.  I did a couple of more workshops and just had a grand time!  I think the best part of the whole weekend was learning that I am NOT the only newcomer in this area for West Coast Swing!

Now I am going to see the plastic surgeon on the 23rd and see what I'm in for.  I would really prefer to do the double mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time.  But..... we'll see what she says.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!  They are much appreciated!

Hugs and lots of love!

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